Our Vision


We truly believe in the capacity of every single child in reaching their full potential in life. We believe in personal development through sport.

The way we see a child achieving their full potential is by giving them the tool that will allow them to be creative and aware of their internal thinking process, while seeing a link between their journey and their achievements in sport.

My Athletic Notebook is proud to support athletes with new innovated interactive training journals for life and sport success!

Our Mission


Our mission is to remind to every single individual starting from the youngest age, the importance of hand writing and how it will positively change your life…

Everything starts with honesty! Be honest with yourself every day. It is going to help you through your whole life. What does it mean to be honest with yourself? It means accepting yourself no matter what or which situation. Always respect your feelings and your thoughts.

Evaluate your feelings and emotions! It gives you the opportunity to discover what kind of person you are and better understand yourself. You will learn to listen to yourself and follow your heart!

Writing your goals! Thanks to this skill you are addressing your brain’s creative segment. At a very early age, our brains play a crucial role in developing our personalities. This skill is very important to obtain from the young age. This skill is going to help you even after when you stop practicing your sport. It will be something inside of you that can bring into your life what you really want. No matter which direction you choose, the knowledge of setting goals will always help you achieve greater results.

​Master this skill; and have no doubt, that you will enjoy doing it.

​Every day step by step! It is crucial to understand that making your goals a reality takes time. Rest assured, you will feel happy this way. Sometimes, of course you are going to face with the difficulties, you will feel reluctance not to go to the practice or practice at home even. A word of advice: every time you feel this way, tell yourself that if you give it a chance, you can overcome all hurdles and be successful.

Skill to write a journal! This is a very important skill in your life, that is going to help you in your daily life to achieve your goals.