Make the perfect gift for your young champion with our customizable medal holders.


  • Instead of keeping medals in the closet or in a box, you will have a visible place for medals
  • Source of motivation
  • Great opportunity to see results and be proud of themselves

About medal holders:

Medals holders designed for athletes in various sports.

Every medal holder includes a space for a personal photo.

As of now we have created medal holders for:

✔ Gymnastic

✔ Figure Skating

✔ Synchro Skating

✔ Karate

✔ Taekwondo

✔ Hockey

✔ Soccer

✔ Swimming

✔ Bowling

✔ Ringette

*Medal holders can be created for other sports on request

Our partners:

What our clients say about us:

“I purchased my medal holder when i had only 2 medals, it served me as a motivation to achieve bigger results and to win more medals”

Francesca – Gymnastic

“I am happy that i purchased a medal holder for my medals, as an athlete i think it is important to have something that will remind you of your accomplishments”

Denis – Soccer

“As an ex-gymnast, I know how crucial it is for athletes to be monitored throughout their career. It is an unique book that guides athletes in their success path”

Claudine – Gymnastic