Do the trainers have an educational or coaching degree?

Yes! All our coaches have a coaching experience in their sport. My wife and I have 20 years of teaching experience in working with children. Every single journal was created with a professional. 

Will my child understand how to fill the journal?

Yes, each section is very simple and everything is understandable.

Can i help my child to fill the journal?

The journal has a section dedicated for parents and fans to encourage and support the child. The other sections should be filled by the child. If the kids need help, they can ask you or the coach.

Will the child show the journal to his coaches?

The journal has a special section dedicated for the coach. There, the coach can view the goals that the children write for their workouts.

How will I understand that the journal helps? How will i track the results of my child?

All the results will be seen. You should talk with your child often about what she thinks and feels. Your kid will share with you the observations and discoveries.

Why exactly “My Athletic Notebook” journal and not a simple notebook?

Communicating with the character which asks important questions, helps the child to form a developmental thinking and focus on their strengths. Once the child learns, she can conduct any notebook, where she will ask herself questions that will help to focus and have attention.