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Presenting at Sport for Life Summit 2020

Incredible opportunity to present our methodology and our journals at the biggest sport conference in Canada. On the 30th of January 2020, we had the great opportunity to present on stage our Interactive Training journals and the methodology behind it. This year’s theme was Celebrating Success, it had per objective to share the achieved successes…

Special project for Jr NBA Program

Jr NBA Program beginning in 2020 will be equipped with the new Interactive training journals that combine Basketball and life skills. After several months of hard and dedicated work, we are very happy to announce the most recent release of our project created in collaboration with Canada Basketball and NBA for the Jr NBA Program.…

New upcoming Interactive Training Journals

In 2020, we will be releasing 5 new Interactive Training Journals for 2 new sports. So far, we have developed 12 interactive training journals for 10 different sports. Here is the 5 new journals that will be released. – Circus – Jr NBA – Acrobatic Dance – Roller Skating – Dance