Jr NBA Program beginning in 2020 will be equipped with the new Interactive training journals that combine Basketball and life skills.

After several months of hard and dedicated work, we are very happy to announce the most recent release of our project created in collaboration with Canada Basketball and NBA for the Jr NBA Program. For 2020, 15 000 lucky athletes will have the opportunity to deepen their mental engagement through goal setting and self-reflection by using our New Interactive Training Journals adapted especially for the NBA program.

Jr NBA Program

During the Jr. NBA program the focus is, on fun, developing the confidence and competence in enjoying physical activities. Where during the activities the athlete will work on fundamental movement skills of running, jumping, throwing, catching, balance, agility, and co-ordination. The program will also work to begin and progress on the development of some of the fundamental basketball and life skills.

Basketball & Life skills

For 13 weeks, participants of the program will be working on essential basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, rebound and playing defense. Additionally, to these skills, the approach with life skills makes the Jr NBA Program unique. Athletes progressing through the program will learn every week about fundamental life skills that will help them during their whole life. It is a great tool to track not only the player’s development but also his emotional situation.

Interactive Jr NBA Training Journal

The journal was developed for the whole program duration, week by week program. The athletes before the practice will set up goals for every week and after every single practice will self reflect on learned basketball and life skills. Those journals has per objective to build the habit of goal setting and self reflection through handwriting. In fact, consistency in the usage of this method will result in multiple benefits that athletes with acquire. You can view all the benefits on our website by going to * Training Journals * or by downloading the PDF presentation on the partnership page.


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