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“Unlocking the full potential through Interactive training journals!”!

This is the perfect place for kids to have a tool that will give them an early head start in learning about self improvement, self motivation, self evaluation and to discover their own voice from within, which is the most powerful voice of all…





Unlike using electronics, the actual writing with pen on paper is an awesome exercise of connecting one’s self with one’s thoughts. Your daughters and sons will be in charge of their sportive and personal development. They will do this with pleasure and have fun at the same time.


This interactive training journal will help your children at creating their own story through training and self development. Your young athletes will clearly see and then compare their progress by self-critiquing the skills that need improvement. They will learn how to be sincere with themselves.


Your daughters and sons will receive the support from our journal captain, he will help your children at succeeding in sport and in life by setting goals, by building positive habits and routines. Moreover, your athletes will learn to focus on positive thinking with the help of the right questions.

The diary helps to :

Increase the self-esteem of the child

Focus on positive thinking

Motivate and Support

Focus on the right thoughts with the help of the right questions


Goal setting for better progress

Personal Development

Analysis of his/her development


My daughter has been practicing figure skating for 3 years in Montreal. Recently, the coach told everyone to keep a journal for their training and write in it what they would like to improve.

The girls from my daughter’s team all brought their journals obediently, however, Nastya (my daughter), didn’t understand its purpose. She wouldn’t bring it along with her to the training sessions and wouldn’t fill it properly.

It’s been over 12 years that I help and support my son in his football career along with his peers. The moment Nastya showed interest in figure skating, I began to help her as well. My wife, who has a teaching degree and myself know how useful and beneficial a journal can be for a child.
We decided to create a journal for our daughter that would be interesting, useful and easy to use. We spoke to Nastya’s trainer and established a journal methodologically based.
Nastya started actively participating in the creation with us. She came up with ideas and drew female skater figures, which we brought to a designer and made it appear on the journal.

Now, she shows a lot of interest in working with the journal, and I’m no longer worried about my child’s development.



The Workspace

In this section, the skater puts their targets on training, as well as writing about their feelings, experiences and plans.

A word from the coach

The coach is able to leave some comments for the athlete.

Inspiring quotes

In this section, there are some inspiring quotes from successful people to help guide the child into the right thoughts and actions.

Skill Wheel

The coach assesses the key- based skills of the skaters on a 10 point scale. The skater sees their overall progress and what needs to be done.

Interaction with a character

The character sets important questions for the child’s development. By responding to them each time, the skater consciously watches their feelings, desires and emotions, as well as better understands themselves and focuses their attention on positive thinking.

Fan zone

This section is dedicated to the parents and friends so they can write their wishes and words of support to the skaters. That will let them know that they’re loved, valued and supported. The skaters can refer to this section at any time to get the right energy for workouts.


The child engages himself with pleasure in his sportive and personal development.
Here is what my daughter Nastya says about the journal: “It’s more interesting and more fun … lots of colors…the best part is to hold it in my hands and fill it.”
My daughter is learning to be independent in her trainings and life. Not only “the coach said, and I did.” The journal helps to make it more convenient and interesting to plan and monitor herself.
Child writes his own story about their trainings and development. After some time, the child will grow to become a successful figure skater, and you will be pleased to go back and read together, how she did her first steps.
The child clearly sees their progress and can compare once they do better or worse and why. The child understands the individual characteristics in training.
The child learns how to be sincere with themselves. The journal- is a safe place where they can write about their feelings and sporting experiences. The pages with devotion to plans and conclusions on training can be shown to the trainer



Claudine Vidal

In my opinion, the journal “My Athletic Notebook” is a fantastic idea that will allow athletes to better understand their sporting career and observe their evolution, while being conscious of their accomplishments. It is really interesting to note that this book is adapted to many different sports and that athletes can write down many related things to them; their objectives and successes, for instance. As an ex-gymnast, I know how crucial it is for athletes to be monitored throughout their career. For this reason, I recommend the book My Athletic Notebook to everyone. It is an unique book that guides athletes in their success path.


Brian Horcicak

This book is good for all ages because it helps them organize themselves to do what is needed to become a champion. It lets them know what is needed to become one. Mental and physical exercises will help the athletes them along the way. Also, The exercises of writing down your goals and your achievements will help you memorize them. It’s a great book not only for sport but also for life.



This journal helps me write my goals before training and assess myself before and after matches. It’s very interesting when you watch how you evaluated yourself and how you actually played the match. The fan zone and words of support are very useful throughout the season. I like this journal very much.


Yes! All our coaches  have a coaching experience in  their sport. My wife and I have 20 years of teaching experience in working with children.

Yes, each section is very simple and everything is understandable

The journal has a section dedicated for parents and fans to encourage and support the child. The other sections should be filled by the child. If the kids need help, they can ask you or the coach.

The journal has a special section dedicated for the coach. There, the coach can view the goals that the children write for their workouts.

All the results will be seen. You should talk with your child often about what she thinks and feels. Your kid will share with you the observations and discoveries.

Communicating with the character which asks important questions, helps the child to form a developmental thinking and focus on their strengths. Once the child learns, she can conduct any notebook, where she will ask herself questions that will help to focus and have attention.